Honda Brio Review and Price


The Honda Brio is encountered as upcoming version of Honda Brio in 5-door hatchback which released by 2011, also this car will be based from fresh platform and also dedicated to come in full cool new features also over economical price tag.

Honda Brio Interior also Exterior Redesign
The Honda Brio car interior will quite spacious in lots comfort space for whole passengers, and supposed in having proper leg space, it will be in 7-inch LCD display for the highlight of dashboard section that kind of powerful entertainment feature.

For its upholstery also seats, wrapped over black or white, and for the exterior design,Honda Brio designed in come by various adjustments also for such opulence, elegant streamlines due its appearance. Harga Honda CB150R Terbaru For radiator grille plus company insignia, will surely be unchanged while windshield would be stretch out.

Honda Brio Engine specs
The car drawing the power from 1.2 L, 4-cylinder engine that could deliver of 90 hp (65 kW) maximum power also peak torque by 80 pounds per ft or about 109 Nm. Kawasaki KLX 150BF Also being expected that Honda Brio will not only tamper peak speed capacity from the car much, and would be likely in 80 mph or 130 kmph.

The engine to be hopefully deliver powerful performance over entire types of terrains, and Honda Brio will certainly be coupled by 5 or about 6-speed manual transmission gearbox, which also known as automatic transmission gearbox. Harga Yamaha R25 Terbaru For fuel efficiency from this car certainly more than those from 2015 version, would be less than 36 mpg.

Honda Brio Price also Release Date
The price for base models, in price of range by $14,000 and 16,000 USD, seem the price expected by the type of model that chosen by buyers, price for top trims, more than $16,000 ever since will be equipped by more features.


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