Escaped 3C Certification, Oppo R9S Will stretcher Flash Features Charge 20W

Oppo lately is success selling his smartphone, the Oppo R9 gliding earlier this year and it became the property of Oppo smartphone bestseller. Smartphone that carries a 5.5-inch FHD screen, 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, and Helio P10 chipset was a major selling feature a front camera that has a resolution of 16MP. Of course with the high-resolution front camera will be the favorite selfie lovers.

After several months Oppo Oppo enjoyed success R9, new rumors began to emerge that mention the successor of this smartphone. The successor Smartphone originally expected to launch in September, but until towards the end of the smartphone is never released.

While up to now not yet reveal themselves successors smartphone, smartphone called Oppo R9S has been certified TENAA and new sources mention that the smartphone will slide in October.

Now leaked more recently also has emerged, where Oppo R9S tela obtain certification from the Chinese authorities 3C body. Smartphones are published on the company’s official name, GuangDong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications.

In a Chinese-language document, the last column shows that the latest smartphone will carry a charger output feature 5.0V 4A shows the output power of 20W. With this feature, you have up to 2 hours talk time with just a 5-minute charging.

Rumors say the new Oppo phones will be launched in late October and brought the Snapdragon chipset 625, still with 4GB of RAM but has doubled into a 64GB internal storage. We look forward to further news from Oppo R9S.


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