Honda CBR650F Features and Engines


The Honda CBR650F using all recent 649 cc inline-four that will be form of base for new line of the motorcycle, also currently presenting for the naked of CBR650F , and since Honda already done with its 300 cc plus 500 cc lines. Honda claimed for this new motor will serve such maximum output about 86 horsepower over 11,000 rpm also about 46 foot-pounds torque over 8,000 rpm.

For Honda CBR650F engine, acts in regard to stressed member of chassis also bolted to diamond-shaped, steel frame that using aluminum engine hangers, also twin-spar. Honda claimed for chassis designed stiff around headstock at same time provides little more flex over spars. For compact size from engine, allow to be placed forward in provide of 50 – 50 weight distribution in between of front also rear axles, just for the better balance.

The seat height available over 31.9 inches also bike possess wet weight of 454 pounds, handled by 41 mm Showa fork for the front suspension duties, which allowing in about 4.7 inches travel, quite not adjustable. For rear gets single shock which allowing 5 inches travel also in seven step adjustment for such spring preload. Harga Suzuki GSX R150 Terbaru Dual, for the wave-type of 320 mm discs mated just to twin piston binders serve stopping power , and for single piston caliper will grab single 240 mm disc by rear.

The ABS not available by standard but in such of available choice, and for Honda CBR650F retails for about $8,499 and for CBR650F ABS retails for $8,999 for the price. The Honda CBR650F highlighting Honda CBR650F perform equal to for every other Honda recent ; just fine.

The handling encountered to be predictable also quite easy. All things just from turning into corner, till to rolling over throttle on such exit happens effortlessly also chassis allowing for such no surprises. For the clutch, feels predictable, though not in light particularly, and for the switching through gears occurred almost with no considerations. Harga Suzuki GSX S150 Terbaru


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