Honda CBR300R First Ride Review


By the shocking presentation of new Honda CBR300R over corner, I wll bring you go deeper over this new machine, in where the CBR that we already knew with, adopting the design hint from Honda VFR, also we already maintain properly right from day one, in probably should stuck by taking design cues right from same place from it got the name of CBR series. Thankfully considered that for the new redesigned Honda CBR300R will possess striking resemblance to the flagship of CBR1000RR.

Honda CBR300R Mileage
The certain grouse we made just for the looks department by its chrome silencer that some how not apparently gel by entirely design, but for the changes actually not end by there, the Honda already increased for its displacement of engine due to its strive for increase stroke by 8 mm, taking stroke just from 55 mm to 63 mm, which changing for entire displacement to 286 cc.

For its internal change certainly changed for its power output, for tweaked engine right now bring healthy 30.4 HP over 8500 RPM plus for the peak torque of 26.2 Nm over 7250 RPM. For its effectively means, for the new Honda CBR300R considered to be more peppy compared from model it is replaced, the Honda also claimed for Honda CBR300R will obviously retain same mileage number also will be marginally good. For best part, due to our mind however, Honda CBR300R apparently see’s for such reduction weight. Harga Suzuki Satria F150 Injeksi di bandung

The Honda CBR300R is fully loaded or kerb weight over 161.9 kg or about 5 kgs lighter compared to its previous version. It would help Honda CBR300R for claimed top speed of 170 kmph. Harga Yamaha Byson Injeksi And right now by the launch that being expected anytime for next few weeks, debates still remained over the pricing of bike specially since the competitors taking game up to another lever, mostly for power department.

Honda CBR300R Pricing
With a price tag of $4,399 for the standard Honda CBR300R and nearly $4,899 for the Honda CBR300R ABS version. Arena Gadget


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