Yamaha R25 First Ride Overview


Officially Yamaha unveils the R25 in Indonesia. Yamaha R25 comes with a powerful 36ps power agitating engine. Yamaha R25 expected has a price tag of $4626.46 in Indonesia. That too, the Yamaha-R25 carries lightweight body and outline DNA from Yamaha’s R-design lineage, additionally includes supersport outline worn by YZF-M1, henceforth Yamaha R25 has a nickname “BABY M1”.

In the middle Yamaha R25 bears sporty double headlamps with air duct, the R–series sort multi-layer fairing that covers the frontal part, with aluminum alloy wheels, and decreased tail piece with LED stop lights also split seats.

Supersport speedometer placing inside the fairing of R25, comes with FI diagnostic, trip and odo-meter, shift timing indicator, fuel consumption pointer, engine temperature cautioning, oil change marker, gear position notice, and a timer. Harga Yamaha R15 Di jakarta

Yamaha R25 provides a superior inline 2 cylinder 250cc engine represented by DOHC direct-drive camshaft with 8 valves on aggregate. Harga Yamaha R25 Diablo Red This high pressure combustion chamber is fluid cooled and heat is disseminated through front radiator.

The R25 engine is fit for delivering 36 PS of max. power @ 12,000 rpm that too with 22.1 Nm top torque @ 10,000 rpm. The Yamaha R25 offer design in Predator Black, fascinating Racing Blue and daring Diablo Red colors. Yamaha R25 can be purchased online through I Want Yamaha R25, where initial 250 purchasers will get an exclusive Valentino Rossi AGV helmets. Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX King Area Jakarta


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