Sale Inazuma slow, Suzuki prepare latest motor sport

After launching motor sport Suzuki Gixxer 150 and Let’s scooters in India a few weeks ago, now Suzuki Motors intends to bring back the 250 cc sports bike in India. Brand-new motor was intended as fillings for Suzuki Inazuma 250 whose sales drag.

As reported Motorbeam, Wednesday (22/04/2015), Suzuki hopes 250 cc bike is expected to compete with class models made by Honda, KTM, Hyosung and others. The models are now poor across in the India market. Harga Suzuki Inazuma 250 Terbaru

The previous Suzuki ever market the Motorcycle 250 cc namely GSX-R250 in 1987 – 1994. This bike was exported to Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark. Harga Suzuki Nex FI 2011

Later, the Japanese manufacturer was handed Inazuma which also engined 250 cc to various countries, including Indonesia.

However, the presence of the latest 250cc sport bike was certainly not in the near future. You see, just poured Suzuki 150 cc sport bike, Gixxer SF in India. Now the focus of the manufacturer was indeed fought in the 150 cc segment.


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