Bajaj Pulsar 200AS official slid

Bajaj Pulsar 200 Adventure Sport (AS) and Bajaj 150AS officially launched today, Tuesday (14/04) by Bajaj Auto India. Released at a price of 91.550 Ruppe for Bajaj 200AS and 79,000 Ruppe.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 Adventure Sport (AS) take the line of Bajaj 200ns. The capacity of 199.5 cc single-cylinder engine using liquid cooling. Power output reached 23hp. For the same frame as Bajaj Bajaj 150AS 200AS. power output reached 16hp. Harga Kawasaki KLX150L 2015

As the motor Adventure both use wind-shield above the headlamps. Body half fairing model. In order to provide a more perfect lighting, headlamps use a projector models. Harga Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 Terbaru

To maximize braking, Bajaj Pulsar 200AS  and 150AS is equipped with front and rear brakes disk, diameter 280mm front disc and 230mm rear for Bajaj 200AS and 240mm front, 130mm rear. Pulsar 150AS and 200AS available in three colors ie Blue, Black and Red. Harga Motor Kawasaki


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