Yamaha release VMAX anniversary edition-30

yamaha-vmaxIn celebrating the anniversary model VMAX 30th, Yamaha released VMAX a special edition version of Carbon. Model Yamaha Star VMAX Carbon SE will be the 2015 model year will be sold this year.

In its official statement on Monday (09/02/2015),VMAX Carbon 2015 is available in a choice of colors Matt Grey for the European market. In addition, for the North American market, Yamaha provides a color Black Cherry. Harga Motor Yamaha Jupiter MX King Kredit

This motor will carry V4 engine with a capacity of 1,697 cc with fender tank lid and carbon fiber bodywork. In addition, there were also single slip-on exhaust from Akrapovic. Harga Motor Skutik Yamaha NMAX Terbaru Jakarta With the carbon fiber material, Yamaha big motor is lighter. By doing so, the power generated can be driven even higher because of the lighter material. In Europe, this bike will be sold at prices ranging from 15 749 to 18 749 pounds.
Previously, Yamaha VMAX first introduced in 1985. After that, the Yamaha VMAX released again with a more modern look in 2008. Now, to celebrate the 30th anniversary, Yamaha VMAX also issued by the dominance of carbon fiber material that is lighter. theautomotorcycle.blogspot.com

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