Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Has Standard Euro3


This year Yamaha Indonesia began applying Euro3 emissions standards on his motorcycle products. Yamaha Jupiter Z1 first motorcycle Yamaha Indonesia enhanced Euro3.

Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association choose to use the standard Euro3 regulations issued by Worldwide Motorcycle Emission Test Cycle (WMTC) as it applies worldwide, Not only in Europe such as the regulation ECE R40. White The rules WMTC, the motor can be exported around the world. Harga Motor Sport Kawasaki Ninja RR Mono points plus Euro3 standards WMTC compared ECE R40 is the rule to reduce noise, especially on muffler (exhaust) and the engine.

Yamaha apply Euro3 on Jupiter Z1 with two new devices, namely the ECU and exhaust catalytic conveter with O2 sensor so as to make the motor more environmentally friendly. Spesifikasi Kawasaki Z250L 2014 There are changes in the length of the catalyst, previously 30 mm to 60mm so that the matrix volume of 25.7 cm3 catalyst ride into 51.4 cm3. Jupiter Z1 Euro3 sold at IDR 14.615 million (OTR Jakarta). Spesifikasi Yamaha R15


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